Saturday, April 15, 2017

Get relief from your Joint And Muscle Pain

Pains in the joints and muscles can affect people of different ages. They can bring down the quality of life and impact day to day activities of living. They can even bring down the levels of independence of the person if it becomes chronic and severe. Joint pain can also be accompanied by joint swelling, redness, warmth, locking of the joints, weakness, and stiffness. Causes of joint and muscle pain can be many, ranging from arthritis, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and even rarely, cancer.

Joint and muscle pain is usually treated with the use of pain killers, such as NSAIDs and Cox-2 medications. Steroid injections are also sometimes prescribed. Using ice, compressions with elastic wraps, rest, and elevating the joints are also prescribed. However, one of the most healing methods for joint and muscle pain is sound healing.

The Emotional Cause for the Pain:
People who resist new experiences and any kind of change becomes difficult for them to accept results in psychological issues that can again manifest itself in the form of muscle and joint pain.

How Sound Healing works on Physical pain:
Sound healing works on the principle of resonance and harmonics. It is based on the scientific finding that everything in the universe has a certain frequency to which it vibrates. Even the human body and each of its parts vibrate to a certain frequency. When this frequency is in balance, there is good health, but when there is an imbalance in the frequency, illness and injury can occur. 

Sound healing applies sounds of matching frequencies to the joints and muscles which are afflicted with pain. This is done through the use of Singing bowls of different frequencies depending upon the respective part of the body. This has been shown to relieve joint and muscle pain effectively.

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Joint and Muscle Pain