Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boost your self-confidence with Sound Healing

It has been seen that the kids who are always put down by their parents, siblings, family members or friends suffer from the problem of under confidence. If they are constantly belittled, they may suffer from the problem of lack of confidence that may later be seen in their performance. A person will face the following possible problems in case of low self-confidence:
  •         Less happiness and enjoyment in life
  •         A less worthwhile and meaningful life.
  •         Self-destructive tendencies.
  •        Less success in life.
  •         More stress and anxiety.
  •        Less enjoyable social interactions
  •         Social withdrawal.
  •         Anxiety and emotional turmoil.
  •        Lack of social skills and self confidence.
  •         Less social conformity.
  •         Eating disorders.
  •         Inability to accept compliments.
  •         Accentuating the negative.

How does Sound Healing help?

Sound is an excellent tool for the building the self-confidence in a person. Sound and vibrations emitted by the singing bowls helps the brain overcome its negative patterns and fears by helping the neurological system to release estrogens and other important hormones. Lack of estrogens results in low self-esteem. If the energies in root and solar plexus chakra are not balanced, we suffer from low self-confidence. With the help of chakra healing we balance these energies. This also helps in releasing any past feelings that leads t low self confidence.

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Self-Confidence Development 

Self Confidence

Self Confidence development with Singing Bowls