Monday, April 17, 2017

Quick & Easy Recovery after Injuries and Surgery

After a surgery or injury, the body needs time to recuperate and regain its health and balance. This is a natural healing process that is greatly helped along if the person is relaxed. However, this is something that most people find very hard to do after a surgery or injury. Often, they are stressed about their recovery, which in turn can lead to delay in the recovery. There is also bound to be some pain after an injury or surgery, which can lead to great discomfort and even depression. When the mind is disturbed, the body will take even longer to recuperate. A relaxed, stress-free mind is the key to quick recovery after injuries and surgery.

How does Sound Healing help:

Usually, the body and mind is treated after an injury or surgery with painkillers and relaxation techniques. One of the modalities that has been shown to deal effectively with the stress and pain that is common after a surgery or illness is sound healing. Sound healing is based on the foundation that everything in the universe has a certain frequency. The human body and each part has its own specific frequency. When the body or body part vibrates to its unique frequency, there is harmony and quick healing. When there is a difference in the frequency, it can lead to changes in the body that are not in harmony.

Sound Therapy also works on the subconscious mind in case of any trauma induced during the process of the preparation of the surgery or the actual surgery by working on the emotional body. Any phobia can aslo can be erased with regular session of the healing.

Sound healing applies the specific healing frequencies for each body part through the use of singing bowls of the respective frequencies which has been very effective in postoperative and post-injury recovery.

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Recovery after a Surgery