Monday, April 24, 2017

Effects of Sound on human body

Sound Healing works on the principle that the Sound & vibrations of the particular frequency enter our body and bring about the healing process whether it may Physical, Emotional or Mental ailment. This process of healing made us very curious about the effects of Sound on the Human body and mind. We began to read about it a lot and stumbled upon the following researches and found it very interesting:

  •         Dr. Jeffery Thompson, who teaches at the California Institute for Human Science and directs his own Centre for Neuro-Acoustic research, has undertaken pioneering studies of the physical effects of the Singing bowls and other sound frequencies. Thompson has even shown that the singing bowls produce a sound comparable in frequency and tone to the sound produced by the rings of Uranus, emanations measured with state of the art instruments by NASA scientists. Thompson has translated his research into powerful treatment for learning disabilities and a wide range of physical disorders.
  •         According to Dr. David Simon, Medical Director of Neurological Services at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital in San Diego, California, and Medical Director of the Chopra centre for Well-being, healing chants and music have measurable physiological effects. Simon points out that chants are chemically metabolized into endogenous opiates that are both internal painkillers as well as healing agents in the body.
  •         Helen Bonny, a music therapist and researcher at the Maryland Psychiatric Institute, created a process she called Guided Imagery and Music, which assist patients to enter into a state of deep relaxation wherein they articulate their sensations, thoughts and feelings.
  •        Mark Rider, Ph. D., a research psychologist affiliated with Southern Methodist University, has conducted the largest series of studies to date on the powerful positive influence of music, often combined with imagery on the protective cells of the immune system, which fight invading pathogens and perform the task of regenerating injured tissue.

The above are just a few of the findings that occurred to us as the interesting one. Scientifics researches have proved that sound and vibration can help a person in curing many emotional, physical or mental problems, promoting the complete well-being of a person.